Donna H. Wang, MD

  • Faculty, Training Faculty, Behavioral & Systems, Cellular & Molecular

Professor, Medicine

M.D., 1984, Sun Yan-sen University of Medical Sciences

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 B316 Clinical Center

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Research Interests

Our research interests lie in cardiovascular medicine, neurobiological science, nanotechnology, and drug discovery. Specially, recent data from our laboratory indicate that transient receptor potential (TRP) channels, activated by novel lipid metabolites, may serve as distinct molecular sensors detecting microenvironmental changes occurred under pathophysiologic conditions including tissue injury, inflammation, increased salt sensitivity, or metabolic disorders. We are currently engaged in elucidating the importance of the TRP superfamily expressed in various tissues in the regulation of cellular function and in the control of disease processes. Methodologies encompass techniques from examining single molecules to studying organ/tissue function and transgenic animals.

In collaboration with investigators in College of Engineering at MSU, we are aiming to develop and apply unique and powerful nanotechnology for defined and accelerated investigation. Examples of these tools include the robotic atomic force microscopic system that will ultimately enable us to identify and stimulate single receptors on the cell membrane; nanoparticles carrying genetic material, protein, or therapeutic agents for targeted and enhanced delivery for molecular interventions; and the biosensor array system for continuous, real time, and in-situ measurement of hormone/neuropeptide concentrations.