Ke Dong, PhD

  • Faculty, Training Faculty, Cellular & Molecular

Professor, Entomology

Ph.D., 1993, Cornell University

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 438 Giltner Hall

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Research Interests

The research in Dong lab centers on the molecular biology, neurophysiology and neurotoxicology of voltage-gated ion channels in insects and arachnids. Currently, we focus on two types of ion channels: sodium channels and a new cation channel, known as DSC1 in Drosophila. Major research directions are: 1) to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of action and resistance of sodium channel-targeting insecticides including pyrethroid insecticides; and 2) to investigate the role of the DSC1 family of cation channels in neurophysiology, neurotoxicology and behavior. Drosophila melanogaster and various arthropod pests and disease vectors including Aedes and Anopheles mosquitoes are used as experimental models. Both in vitro and in vivo functional analysis systems, such as Xenopus oocyte expression system and single sensillum recording, are employed in our studies. Please visit our lab website for project details.