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Students must complete a minimum of 12 credits from the following courses:

  1. Both of the following courses (6 credits):
    • NEU 841 Medical Neuroscience (3 credits; Fall)
    • NEU 846 Neurobiology of Nervous System Disorders (3 credits; Summer)
  2. At least 6 credits from the following courses (6 credits):
    • NEU 842 Neuroethics (3 credits; Summer)
    • NEU 843 Methods for Assessing the Nervous System (3 credits; Spring)
    • NEU 844 The Science and Ethics of Brain Interventions (3 credits; Fall)
    • NEU 847 Development of the Nervous System (3 credits; Fall)
    • PHM 431 Pharmacology of Drug Addiction (3 credits; Summer)

Program Objectives

By obtaining the Medical Neuroscience graduate certificate, students will be able to do the following:

  1. Obtain and apply knowledge of the following topics to solve novel problems
    1. Nervous system disorders
    2. Drug use, abuse, and interactions
    3. Neurotechnologies
    4. Brain interventions
    5. General neuroscience principles
    6. Development
  2. Work successfully in team-based settings
  3. Analyze and interpret data from published peer-reviewed papers
  4. Assess ethical, legal, and social implications of neuroscientific research, tools, and discoveries
  5. Effectively and accurately communicate scientific findings

Course Descriptions

NEU 841: Medical Neuroscience
Detailed survey of nervous system structure and function with an emphasis on medical applications

NEU 846: Neurobiology of Nervous System Disorders
Overview of abnormalities that contribute to central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, and psychological diseases and disorders examined at genetic, cellular, and behavioral levels.

NEU 842: Neuroethics
Introduction to the field of neuroethics and the responsible application of advances in neuroscience research.

NEU 843: Methods for Assessing the Nervous System
Introduction to the various techniques and methods used to study brain structure and function.

NEU 844: The Science and Ethics of Brain Interventions
Introduction to cognitive enhancement to improve intellect and cognition, and legal and ethical implications of this.

NEU 847: Development of the Nervous System
Introduction to processes involved in the development of the nervous systems and their clinical application

PHM 431: Pharmacology of Drug Addiction
Introduction to pharmacology and neuropharmacology. Understanding of the biological basis for drug abuse and addiction.
*If PHM 431 was used to complete a B.S. degree at MSU, it cannot be used as part of the certificate program 
*PHM 431 is open to certificate students ONLY during the summer semester. Fall PHM 431 is restricted to undergraduate students

Program Director
Casey Henley

Academic Program Coordinator
Eleri Thomas

Giltner Hall
293 Farm Lane Room 108
East Lansing, MI

Phone: (517) 353-8947
Fax: (517) 432-2744


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