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Undergraduate Program FAQ

I took PSL 250 already, but now I can't enroll in PSL 310 to fulfill the prerequisite for the Neuroscience Major. Do I have to take BOTH PSL 431 AND PSL 432 now?
The short answer is yes, you do. Here is the reason: PSL 250 and PSL 310 have very substantial overlap in content, and both of them are basically descriptive courses that cover organ systems physiology, even though PSL 310 has prerequisites and represents a higher level course than PSL 250. There is therefore a "two-way association" between PSL 250 and PSL 310, meaning that if you have credit in PSL 250 you are not permitted to enroll in PSL 310, and vice versa. In contrast, PSL 431 / PSL 432 cover the same organ systems physiology, but they also go into the molecular and cellular "nitty gritty" under the surface. PSL 431 alone is not sufficient, since it only covers the first half of organ systems physiology. We know this is probably frustrating for you, since if you had only taken PSL 310 instead of PSL 250, you'd be home free – but just think how smart you will feel – AND how prepared for graduate or medical school or a really good job.

I took BS 161 and have registered for BS 162 next semester. But I also want to take NEU 301 next semester. Both BS 161 and BS 162 are listed as prerequisites for NEU 301. Do I REALLY have to have BOTH to understand the material in NEU 301? Is it possible to get an override?
Yes, we can give you an override, but there is a reason that BS 162 is a prerequisite for NEU 301. There is a fair amount of material in BS 162 about the process of science, learning to read graphs, form hypotheses, interpret data, etc., and these skills are very important to have by the time you take NEU 301. You will have to take personal responsibility for any additional work that you need to do to fulfill the course requirements in NEU 301. Maybe you've already had a lot of critical thinking in science and you will be fine, but it is your responsibility to make sure this is true.

I am taking 400-level courses in BMB, including 461 and 462 (Advanced Biochemistry I and II). Can I waive the Neuroscience major's BMB 401 requirement if I take and get credit for these courses?
Yes. Other majors may require advanced BMB courses to satisfy the requirements of that major, and in the case of BMB 461 and 462, these courses do indeed allow you to waive the BMB 401 Neuroscience major requirement. If you find that you must take advanced courses or have taken advanced courses to satisfy requirements of another major, please contact our office for clarification regarding course overlap and supplementation.

I have already taken STT 200. Will STT 200 count for the STT requirement?
Unfortunately, no. We want you to have experience applying the statistical tests that you’ve learned about, and STT 201 has a laboratory in which you do this. This is the reason we require STT 201 as the lowest level statistics course that will adequately prepare you for the neuroscience major. Students are required to do statistical tests in the required neuroscience lab course, NEU 311L. Without having applied analyses such as means comparison tests, multiple regression, and non-parametric tests, students would be at a disadvantage in this course, as well as in NEU 301 and 302.

The Neuroscience Undergraduate Program administrative offices are now located in the Physiology Department:

Biomedical Physical Sciences
567 Wilson Rd., Rm 2201
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 884-5000

Undergraduate Director
Laura Symonds, PhD

Academic Advisor
Kanchan Pavangadkar, PhD

Undergraduate Secretary
Barbara Bird

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