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Neuroscience News

Darwin Day talk in Grand Rapids February 8th

Our human mind has evolved from an ape mind over the past six million years. How have our brains and genes changed to bring this about

Darwin Day Lecture - Darwin and the "Soul"

Join Dr. Reimers as he discusses the question of how the so-called 'higher capacities' of humanity could have evolved has vexed scientists since Charles Darwin on February 14, 2018 at the Women's City Club, Grand Rapids, MI

University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum

The Undergraduate Research Office sponsors several workshops this semester aimed at helping students prepare for UURAF or other conference presentations.

Cheryl Sisk recommeded interim dean of College of Natural Science
Cheryl Sisk recommeded interim dean of College of Natural Science

Cheryl Sisk, associate dean of faculty development in the College of Natural Science, will be recommeded as interim dean of the college.

Rajiv Ranganathan: Reality of Movement

360 Perspective Faculty Voice highlights Dr. Rajiv Ranganathan, is particularly interested in how humans produce skilled and coordinated movement, and how this ability is altered in the context of development, aging and movement disorder

Neuroscience Program Homecoming Tailgate

Are you planning on coming to MSU's Homecoming this year?  If so, please come see us at our FIRST EVER Neuroscience Homecoming Tailgate!

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