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The most common documents used for assignments or activities are probably Microsoft Word and PDF (created from a Word file). The most important things to remember when creating an assignment in Word is that the assignment needs to align with the assessments and learning objectives, and the assignment must be made accessible.


The most important document you create will be your course syllabus. MSU requires that faculty distribute a syllabus to their students and also requires that the syllabus contains certain information. The syllabus is not a binding contract with your students, but it can be an extremely useful resource to lay out your expectations and policies for the course. Additionally, you can provide information about University policies or services to your students. A well-written syllabus can help faculty avoid grievances and unhappy students.

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MSU is in the process of adapting all online course materials to meet federal guideline for web accessibility. For faculty, this means that any file posted online needs to be able to be read and understood by everyone, regardless of impairment or assistive technology used. The overarching goal is to remove barriers that prevent students from accessing the information. This YouTube video shows a visually impaired user working with a screen reader; it shows how difficult working with non-accessible content can be.  

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