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During the semester in which the course is active, it is easy to fall into the habit of checking and grading assessments without actually interacting with the students. One of the biggest downfalls of online teaching is that students feel disconnected from one another and the instructor. An instructor of a well-run online course avoids this pitfall by providing frequent communication with the students.

Be present

  • One the first day of class, introduce yourself, just as you would in an in-person course.

  • Post announcements regularly on the course homepage in D2L using the news tool

  • Post replies to students in the discussion forum

  • Provide frequent and useful feedback to assignments and assessments

Set expectations and provide instructions

  • Set appropriate etiquette standards for communication among students and with you in group work or discussion forums

  • Have students introduce themselves

  • Give clear and detailed instructions about how to use your D2L course site

    • How should students get started?

    • Where can students find various course components?

  • State any course or institutional policies

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