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Adam J. Moeser, PhD, DVM

Associate Professor and Matilda R. Wilson Endowed Chair, Large Animal Clinical Sciences and Department of Physiology

D.V.M, 2008, North Carolina State University
Ph.D., 2006, North Carolina State University

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East Lansing Campus

 G326 Veterinary Medical Center

Large Animal Clinical Sciences Directory
Gastrointestinal Stress Biology Laboratory

Research Interests

My research program is focused on elucidating the pathophysiologic mechanisms driving stress-induced gastrointestinal and immune disorders.

Current questions we are asking in our research include:

  • What are the mechanisms linking early life adversity and development of brain-gut axis disorders?
  • What are the neuro-immune signaling pathways modulating gut and brain mast cell biology and animal behavior (Collaborations with Robison and Mazei-Robison Labs)
  • How does biological sex determine the vulnerability to stress-related GI and immunological diseases? (Collaborations with Jordan Lab)