Cognitive & Social

Brain function is greater than the sum of its individual parts and the synergistic interactions between individual parts produce the higher order functions of the human brain. These functions include attention, perception, executive processes, language, memory, categorization, planning and decision making. Understanding how the brain accomplishes these complex functions requires many approaches including functional neuroimaging to behavioral methods to quantitative, mathematical, and computational modeling.

The following faculty have labs that focus on Cognitive & Social Neuroscience:

Andrew R. Bender, PhD

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Assistant Professor, Neurology and Ophthalmology
East Lansing Campus
 W. Fee Hall, Room 637

Cognitive neuroscience of aging and lifespan development.

Andrea C. Bozoki, MD

Associate Professor, Neurology & Ophthalmology
East Lansing Campus
 A217 Clinical Center

Effects of aging and dementia on the memory networks of the brain, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)

Jan W. Brascamp, PhD

Assistant Professor, Psychology
East Lansing Campus
 282A Psychology

The human visual system

Kimberly M. Fenn, PhD

Associate Professor, Psychology
East Lansing Campus
 289B Psychology

Acquisition and consolidation of complex skills and episodic memory

Lauren J. Harris, PhD

Professor, Psychology
East Lansing Campus
 217 Psychology

Neuropsychology of motor and cognitive functions, especially handedness and face perception

Jie Huang, PhD

Professor, Radiology
East Lansing Campus
 164 Radiology

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) based systems level neuroscience research and its clinical application in migraine study

David I. Kaufman, DO

Chair, Neurology & Ophthalmology
Medical Director, Sparrow Hospital Neurosciences
East Lansing Campus
 A217 Clincal Center

Diagnosis, prognosis and treatment strategies in optic neuropathies, visual electrophysiology in humans, MRI

Taosheng Liu, PhD

Associate Professor, Psychology
East Lansing Campus
 289A Psychology

Visual perception and attention, attentional control, object recognition, neural mechanisms of perception and cognition

J. Devin McAuley, PhD

Professor, Psychology
East Lansing Campus
 282B Psychology

Auditory perception, attention, and cognition, timing and rhythm, relationship between music and language processing, computational modeling, and neuroimaging

Dar Meshi, PhD

Assistant Professor, Advertising and Public Relations
East Lansing Campus
 404 Wilson Road, Room 324, Communication Arts and Sciences

Neural processing of social information, social media use, decision making, social influence.

Matthew B. Pontifex, PhD

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology
East Lansing Campus
 126E IM Sports Circle

ERP, behavioral, and neuropsychological investigations of the relation between physical health and cognition during maturation

Susan M. Ravizza, PhD

Associate Professor, Psychology
East Lansing Campus
 285C Psychology

Cognitive processes necessary to achieve goals in a constantly changing environment

Ralf Schmälzle, PhD

Assistant Professor, Communication
East Lansing Campus
 569 Communication Arts and Sciences

Neuroimaging of dynamic media messages; Social, cognitive, and affective neuroscience; Message processing and audience response to messages

Erik M. Shapiro, PhD

Research Director, Radiology
Associate Professor, Physiology

East Lansing Campus
 184 Radiology

Molecular and cellular MRI, particularly in the use of MRI to track specific cell populations

Katy N Thakkar, PhD

Assistant Professor, Psychology
East Lansing Campus
 110C Psychology

Cognitive and biological mechanisms of illness in schizophrenia

David C. Zhu, PhD

Professor, Radiology, Psychology
Adjunct Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
East Lansing Campus
 Radiology Building, Room 124, 846 Service Road

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technique development. Use neuroimaging to understand mild traumatic brain injury, normal aging, Alzheimer's disease (AD), AD risk reduction, and effects of hypertension on the brain.