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David G. Morgan, PhD

Professor, Translational Neuroscience

Ph.D., 1981, Northwestern University

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Research Interests

Dr. Morgan’s research interests are aging and brain function, focusing on drugs to treat Alzheimer’s dementia. Throughout his career, Morgan has had interest in the influence of glial cells on the pathology of aging and neurodegenerative disease. He has tested “safer” NSAIDs, and shown that microglial activation can lead to rapid clearance of amyloid deposits. However, since 2008 his work has tilted towards better understanding of tau pathology and its deposition in mouse models of tauopathy. A key observation is that manipulations of microglia which benefit amyloid depositing mice can exacerbate pathology in tau depositing mice. Identifying treatments which modify the activation state of glial cells to establish a beneficial environment to slow neurodegeneration is a major goal of his research team. A significant tool in developing this understanding has been gene therapy approaches using Adeno-Associated Viral vectors