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Jason S. Moser, Ph.D.

Professor, Psychology

Ph.D., 2009, University of Delaware

East Lansing Campus
 110d Psychology

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Research Interests

The ability to regulate cognition, emotion, and behavior represents a core capacity of human functioning. Examples of this from daily life include rebounding from mistakes, resisting distraction, and dampening negative emotions. Research in my lab aims to 1) shed light on their underlying neural mechanisms and 2) examine their clinical significance in terms of their roles in the development, maintenance, and treatment of anxiety (and depression). My lab utilizes a multi-method approach, including human neurophysiology (EEG), functional neuroimaging (fMRI), behavior (reaction time / accuracy), self-report, and salivary hormone collection, and draws from multiple disciplines (neuroscience, clinical, cognitive, developmental, and social/personality psychology). The goal of my research is to examine how phenomena play out across different levels of analysis and build integrative models of how they operate. To this end, I have four primary research areas: error monitoring, emotion processing/regulation, attention allocation, and mindset research.