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Neuroscience News

The Neuroscience behind social media use

There’s no official medical diagnosis for excessive social media use — at least not yet. However, new research suggests that compulsive use of online social networking sites may be more than just an innocuous habit.

What do you hear? Laurel or Yanny

In this video from the McGovern institute for Brain Research at MIT, PhD students Dana Boebinger and Kevin Sitek, unpack the science around this hot debat

It's not my fault, my brain implant made me do it

Lawyers, philosophers and ethicists have labored to define the conditions under which individuals are to be judged legally and morally responsible for their actions.

Post-Baccalaureate training opportunity

Oregon Health & Science University is offering a new neuroscience post-baccalaureate training opportunity which will begin September 2018. We are currently recruiting applicants through June 1, 2018. Please see the attached flyer for more details. The program is specifically for individuals from NIH underrepresented groups.

William Yakah:  Connecting the Dots
William Yakah: Connecting the Dots

William is a junior majoring in neuroscience and is a College of Natural Science Dean's Research Scholar. Yakah is an international student who hails from Accra, Ghana.

Darwin Day talk in Grand Rapids February 8th

Our human mind has evolved from an ape mind over the past six million years. How have our brains and genes changed to bring this about

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