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2015 UURAF Section Winners

Congratulations to the undergraduate Neuroscience majors that took first place in their sections at the annual University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum. Approximately 750 undergraduate students participated in this year’s Forum. First Place Award recipients will receive $100 each and can apply for the Grand Prize Award of $500.

The winners are:

  • Hannah Batchelor: Neurotensin regulates the dopamine system and locomotor activity
  • Mina Hirzel (Co-Author Kyle Latack): Contrastive focus and contrastive reduplication: Not oly salad-salad
  • Megan Kechner: Induction of ΔFosB following physcial and emotional stress
  • David Lozano: Sex differences in cytogenesis in the nucleus accumbens of pubertal rats
  • Dylan Miller: To sting or not to sting? Analysis of cross-species and cross-sex stinging defensive behavior in scorpions
  • Emily Potter: Role of neurotensin receptor-2 in neurogenesis
  • Sarav Shah (co-authors Diana Jasser, Alana Page): Technology trumps print: memory is greater for information acquired from the internet than a book

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