Neuroscience Program Annual Retreat

The Neuroscience Program annual retreat will be held this year in Grand Rapids on Friday, August 21. The focus of this retreat will be on discussing program updates and brainstorming new curriculum ideas.

Schedule: The retreat will be held in the MSU Secchia Center in downtown Grand Rapids. Events for the day will start with a continental breakfast at 9am and end with awards and closing remarks at 3:30pm, followed by an optional happy hour. Please plan to stay for the whole day as the retreat is a wonderful opportunity to network, talk with faculty and students who work in different buildings or on different campuses, and meet our new students.

Transportation: For the retreat there will be no bus for transportation from East Lansing to Grand Rapids. As a result, please plan to carpool to Grand Rapids on the day of the retreat. Those individuals that drive in a carpool will be reimbursed for parking. I will send out more information on driving directions and parking the week leading up to the retreat.