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Upcoming Seminar


Ana Daugherty
Wayne State University


Brain Iron as a Biomarker of Impending Cognitive Decline


Dr. Daugherty directs the Healthy Brain Aging laboratory at Wayne State University and studies age-related change in brain structure and cognitive function. Her research aims to characterize “successful aging”—those individuals who maintain health and function into late life. In this context, she focuses on how vascular and metabolic health risk factors (e.g., hypertension, inflammation) and protective lifestyle behaviors shape aging trajectories and modify risk for dementia. Dr. Daugherty will review her work with multimodal neuroimaging for the estimation of regional brain iron concentration that may be a harbinger of impending neural and cognitive declines. The Free Radical Induced Energetic and Neural Decline in Senescence (FRIENDS) model identifies brain iron accumulation as a common antecedent to oxidative stress, metabolic dysfunction, and chronic neuroinflammation that drive progressive and cumulative decline in brain structure and function across the adult lifespan. Dr. Daugherty’s development of the FRIENDS model and program of research highlights the promises, and limitations, of brain iron accumulation as a biomarker of pre-clinical cognitive decline and future dementia risk.


Dr. Andrew Bender


Thursday, October 31, 2019 at 12:30pm

1425 BPS, East Lansing


This seminar is also available for viewing in 1102 A&B Grand Rapids Research Center