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Each semester, speakers from both inside and outside the university are invited to address topics of interest to the Neuroscience community. Students and faculty of the Program meet at this weekly seminar series, which further broadens the students' training experience.
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Research Forum

All students meet six times a semester to discuss career development and professional skills. You can view the Research Forum schedule for the current semester.
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Neuroscience Retreat

Each year the Neuroscience Program gathers for a retreat at the beginning of the academic year to welcome incoming students and to discuss the state of the Neuroscience Program. This event will alternate between the East Lansing and Grand Rapids campuses. The main goal of the retreat is to bring the Neuroscience Program together to discuss updates that have been made to the program during the past year, as well as to address and brainstorm ways to further improve the Program. With this event, we aim to improve the Program by having fun activities that help create and foster bonds between individuals in the Neuroscience Program, and to work toward addressing any potential issues within the Program. With that in mind, we encourage all individuals within the Neuroscience Program to attend this event and wholeheartedly participate in its activities.

Neuroscience Cross Campus Research Day

During the Fall and Spring semesters each year, the Neuroscience program gathers for a cross campus research day (CCRD) to foster collaboration between the campuses and labs at Michigan State University. As a result, the location of CCRD will alternate between East Lansing and Grand Rapids. Each CCRD includes a mix of talks by students and faculty, with the format of these talks varying for each CCRD. This provides an opportunity to appreciate the breadth of the program and to solicit comments from people that might not be as familiar with your work as your close colleagues or cohorts. All but students in the midst of their first rotation should expect to present at one or both CCRDs for the academic year. We aim for an open and relaxed atmosphere where compliments are sincere and any criticism is constructive. Please come to this event ready and willing to openly discuss your research and foster new or ongoing collaborations.

Interview Days

Top applicants will be invited for Interview Days in the Neuroscience Program. During the visit, applicants will interview with selected faculty members and become acquainted with MSU campus, facilities and predoctoral students from the Program. Interview Days for 2018 admission will be held January 18-20, 2018.

Social Events

Neuroscience Program faculty and students are hardworking in the lab, but like to have a good time outside of it. Each year a number of social events occur for the entire program. Early in the fall semester, everyone is invited to a Lansing Lugnuts baseball game. At SFN, there is an MSU social where current and former students and faculty can network. Each winter, the Program hosts a holiday party.