Neuroscience Program Seminar

Fall 2016 Seminar Schedule



Mark Reimers

Michigan State University


The BRAIN Initiative Wants You: Big Data Comes to Neuroscience


High-throughput data is revolutionizing neuroscience, as microarrays revolutionized genomics. The BRAIN initiative in the US and similar efforts around the world will soon allow us to eavesdrop on the conversations among thousands or millions of neurons. This talk will introduce some of the technologies that are changing the face of neuroscience, following the categories in the NIH Director's Report. RNA-seq is showing the surprising diversity of brain cells, and new mapping technologies enable us to characterize brain circuits. After decades of steady slow improvement in electrical and magnetic measurement, the capacity and resolution of optical imaging methods are more than doubling each year. Other optical technologies enable precise interventions in circuits. These new technologies enable us to ask deeper questions that were impossible before, but require new data analytic approaches. This is meant to be a discussion more than a presentation. Let's consider how the BRAIN technologies will change your area of research.



Dr. James Galligan


Thursday, February 9nd, 2016 at 12:30pm

Room 1425 BPS


This seminar will originate from Room 1425 BPS

This seminar is also available for viewing in Room 220 Seechia Center, Grand Rapids


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