Neuroscience Program Seminar


Ryan Bachtell

University of Colorado at Boulder


Neuroimmune signaling in cocain relapse


Evidence suggests that drug of abuse, such as cocaine, activate innate immune signaling within the brain. It remains unresolved how cocaine engages the brain's innate immune system, and whether cocaine's effects on the immune system contribute to the development of abuse and/or relapse/ Recent studies will be presented that identify the activation of the microglial cells, the resident immune cells in the brain, as an important neuroadaptation that contributes to cocaine reward and relapse.



Neuroscience Graduate Students


Thursday, April 26th, 2018 at 12:30pm

1425 BPS


This seminar will originate from 1425 BPS, East Lansing

This seminar is also available for viewing in room 1102 Grand Rapids Research Center