Neuroscience Program

The Neuroscience Program prepares students through education, research, and professional development for successful careers in neuroscience or neuroscience-related fields.

The Neuroscience Program Ph.D.-granting graduate program began in 1998, and the undergraduate B.S.-granting program began in 2012. The interdisciplinary program is comprised of over 70 faculty members with appointments in 18 departments and 5 colleges, including the 3 medical schools.

Neuroscience News

NSP/TSMM social at Society for Neuroscience annual meeting

Join us at the NSP/TSMM joint social on Sunday, Nov 13 from 7:00 to 10:00pm on the Rooftop Terrace at Hotel Solamar.

Marc Breedlove on teaching Neuroscience to Non-scientists

Professor Marc Breedlove explains neuroscience to non-scientists.  It's all about presenting the science in an accessible way.

Jack Lipton recently joined MSU Alumni Association's Coffee with the Profs series

Watch his talk on Translational Neuroscience: From Bench to Bedside

MSU hosts successful MiSFN annual meeting

Many thanks to Joe Beatty, the MSU MiSFN Councilor, and the MiSFN board for organizing the meeting.

A new key in fighting Kennedy's disease
A new key in fighting Kennedy's disease

Researchers of motoneuron disease typically have focused on how bad genes in the motoneurons cause them to become sick and die.

Improving electrical communication with the brain
Improving electrical communication with the brain

Erin Purcell, PhD, received a R21 grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to explore why devices implanted in the brain lose their efficacy over time.

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