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About Us

Photo of A.J. Robinson

A.J. Robison, PhD
        Neuroscience Program Director

Welcome to the Michigan State University Neuroscience Program website! Here you can find information about our Ph.D. program, our undergraduate major, our faculty and students and the outreach activities our program sponsors to bring the excitement of neuroscience to the local community. Our Ph.D. program has grown substantially over the years and we have more than 60 faculty from 15 departments and units. In addition, our campus and program extends across the state of Michigan with Neuroscience Program faculty housed in the Grand Rapids Research Center in Grand Rapids in West Michigan and with anticipated expansion to the Detroit Medical Center and Macomb University Center in southeast Michigan. This diversity provides a wide range of research opportunities for our students that covers molecules to man. Please visit our faculty web pages to find out more about the exciting neuroscience research happening here at Michigan State University. You can also find all the information you need to prepare an application to our Ph.D. program. If you don't find what you need please contact us directly (neurosci@msu.edu).

Neuroscience Program Director
A.J. Robison

Interdisciplinary Science & Technology Building (ISTB)
766 Service Rd
East Lansing, MI

Phone: 517-884-9523


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