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Dissertation Completion

  1. Apply for graduation the first week of your last semester
  2. Fill out the graduate student exit survey
  3. Prepare dissertation following the Graduate School's formatting guidelines and deadlines
  4. Submit dissertation to committee at least 2 weeks before oral defense date
  5. After oral defense, edit dissertation as required by your committee
  6. Submit approval form and AUF documentation to the Graduate School via email: msuetds.approval@grd.msu.edu
  7. Upload edited and formatted dissertation to the Graduate School via ProQuest. Make sure you see the MSU logo on the ProQuest site. Submission does not mean the dissertation is accepted. You will be emailed with any necessary revisions. You will need the following information:
    1. Full text of the dissertation in PDF format. This must be one file. If your manuscript is in a Word or RTF format, you can convert the PDF using a PDF Conversion tool. You also must embed fonts in the PDF. After you have created your account and arrive at this section, you will find a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for the conversion tool and embedding fonts.
    2. Abstract
    3. 'Optional' Supplementary files. Michigan State University does allow supplemental files (audio, video, etc.). Please note that only those files approved by the major professor/committee, as denoted on the Graduate School approval form, are allowed.
    4. Advisor and other Committee Members' Names
    5. Subject Category: from ProQuest's list of subject categories
    6. Degree Granting Unit/Program: Neuroscience - Doctor of Philosophy. Located on Title Page, form in #3, and electronic submission)
    7. Type of Degree Awarded: Doctor of Philosophy
  8. Complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates