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Medical Neuroscience


  • Are you taking a year off before entering graduate or professional school but would prefer to avoid a full academic break?
  • Would you like to enhance your academic standing prior to application to graduate or professional school?
  • Are you looking to gain advanced academic credentials to compete for a promotion?
  • Are you currently working in a science field but would like to move to a neuroscience-specific position?

Then the Michigan State University Medical Neuroscience Graduate Certificate Program is for you!

The Medical Neuroscience certificate program will provide post-baccalaureate credentials and career development for students seeking to improve their academic profile or employment qualifications. The program is aimed at students interested in applying to graduate or professional school and individuals working in the pharmaceutical or medical device industries. The health care field is changing with new medical research advancing scientific knowledge at a rapid pace, and our program aims at helping students to navigate developments in the field of neuroscience. 

Admission to graduate or professional schools has become a complex and highly competitive process. Changes to admission exams, like the MCAT, shifts focus from testing what the applicants know to testing how they apply and use what they know. Our program will give students the skills to think critically, work in teams, and communicate effectively, all important skills necessary for success in graduate school, professional school, or industry.



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