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Activities at the Neuroscience Fair

The MSU Neuroscience Program faculty and graduate students take great pride in their outreach efforts. Each year the program hosts the Brain Bee at MSU and Neuroscience. The program also visits local schools each March during Brain Awareness Week and participates in MSU's Science Festival and Take Your Child to Work Day. This upcoming summer, we will also be organizing a summer camp as part of the MST@MSU program. and volunteers for local science fairs, the annual Girl's Math and Science Conference, and the Prime Time Seniors Program.

The program is always looking for volunteers to help with all outreach efforts.

  • Graduate students, faculty, and staff: Please email MSUNeuroscienceOutreach@gmail.com to be added to our volunteer lists
  • Undergraduates: Please contact the Neuroscience Club and join their outreach committee

Donate to the Neuroscience Program Outreach Fund

BrainFacts.org Videos

Our outreach program was invited by BrainFacts.org to create three informational videos for Brain Awareness Week:

Faculty Coordinators
Valerie Hedges, PhD
Casey Henley, PhD
Jenny Taylor, PhD


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