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Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week takes place during Mid-March and is a global effort to raise awareness of the benefits of neuroscience research.

The MSU Neuroscience Program send students and faculty into local 3rd and 4th grade classrooms to educate students on brain-related topics. School visits are age-appropriate and range from sensory activities to touching real human and animal brains!

The Neuroscience Program has developed curricula designed specifically for elementary students. We talk about the types of cells in the brain, the relationship between brain and behavior, how the brain changes as we grow up and grow older, and the many factors and behaviors that can damage the brain. Our intent is to educate students about the importance of the brain and to get them excited about the latest and most fascinating developments in neuroscience.

Teachers: would you like MSU NSP to come to your school? Email us at MSUNeuroscienceOutreach@gmail.com

More information about Brain Awareness Week can be found at the Dana Foundation and Sociey for Neuroscience.

Faculty Coordinators
Valerie Hedges, PhD
Casey Henley, PhD


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