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Virtual Neuroscience Fair

Saturday, April 10, 2021 10 am - 5 PM

This is a free event! No registration is needed!

Mark your calendars for the 2021 Virtual Neuroscience Fair taking place on Saturday, April 10 from 10am - 5pm as part of the MSU Science Festival. 

Join our Zoom webinar to learn about a new topic every 20-30 minutes, followed by a live question and answer period with the presenter! We will have fun science music and read-alouds in between presentations and activities!

Learn about the nervous system by watching demonstrations and engaging in hands-on activities to learn about the senses, the anatomy of the nervous system, how to protect your brain, how to make neuroscience-themed crafts, how the nervous system interacts with the rest of the body, and more!

Presentation Schedule
Time Topic
10:00 Learn About Your Human Brain and See a Real Human Brain!
10:20 Make a Play-Doh Neuron!
10:40 Make a Brain Puzzle & Brain Hat!
11:00 Reflex and Reaction Time
11:30 Cool Myths and Truths About the Brain
12:00 Animal Brains
12:30 Autonomic Nervous System- Rest & Digest vs. Fight or Flight
1:00 Protect Your Brain
1:30 The Wonders of Optical Illusions 
2:00 The Human Bodies
2:30 Taste
3:00 Human Eye and Vision
3:30 Emotion & Memory
4:00 The Wonders of Our Eyes 
4:20 After Images
4:40 Power Your Brain!

Faculty Coordinators
Valerie Hedges, PhD
Casey Henley, PhD
Jenny Taylor, PhD


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