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Frequently Asked Questions

Is finanical aid offered for the program?

MSU does not offer financial aid to students enrolled in a Graduate Certificate program or to Lifelong Education students. However, if you are enrolled in a Master's or Doctoral degree-granting program in addition to the certificate program, you can continue to receive financial aid through the MS/MA/PhD program. 

Do I have to move to Michigan to be enrolled in the program?

No. The certificate program is fully online and can be completed from anywhere. 

I do not meet the minimum admission requirements. Can I still apply?

Not meeting the minimum admission requirements will decrease your chances for acceptance for the program. However, the admissions committee understands that circumstances change, and students that struggled in undergrad may now be ready for an academic challenge. The committee highly suggests that if you do not meet the minimum requirements, you should apply to MSU as a Lifelong Education student and take at least NEU 840, and then apply to the program. Any credits taken as a Lifelong Education student (up to 9 credits) will be applied to the certificate program. This experience will allow both you and the admissions committee to assess if this program fits your needs.